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  • 29 Jun 2018 8:55 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As usual, the Bike Show at Hodaka Days attracted a great variety of vintage Hodakas, in full restoration, custom, and riders. The great weather added even more good times! Here are the results!

    DATE:  June 23, 2018

    Total bikes in show:   76

    Total ballots submitted:  114

     Class  1st Place Entry  2nd place Entry

    Harry Taylor Award/Best Custom MX

    32  Lee Fabry 1973 C/W custom MX

    Trials 55  Danny Messmore 1977 250

    Best Hodaka powered (Other brand)    

    32  Lee Fabry 1972 Challenger

    Custom 74  Lee Fabry 1968 Ace 100

    Ace 90 17  Dale Dvorak 1967 Ace 90

    Ace 100 (all) 50  Tom Jakoski 1968 Ace 100
    Chrome Tank Super Rat 3  Mike Murray   1969 Super Rat 
    Wombat (all) 2  Robert Swift 1972 Wombat 

    11 Dave Chappel  1977 Wombat &
    66 Rex Anderson  1973 Wombat
    Combat Wombat 47  Nate Ewer  1973 Combat Wombat

    97 Super Combat & 89 Super Rat 13  Grant Warren 1974 Super Combat

    Road Toad (all) 31  Rick Burk  1976 02 Road Toad

    Dirt Squirt (all 44  Bud Schmidtgall  1975 Dirt Squirt  
    175 SL  75  Greg Houchin  1978 175 SL

    250 SL & ED 72 Erv Robinson 1977 250 SL
    Bad Rock Ride 56  Aiden McKeirnan  1973 Dirt Squirt

    Henry Koepke Award/Best Technical Innovation

    32  Lee Fabry 1973 C/W Custom MX
     Best Original 24  Joyce Dunning  1975 Dirt Squirt

     Best of Show 32  Lee Fabry 1973 C/W  Custom MX


    If you are a winner and have a good photo of your bike we can post up here and on our Facebook Page, shoot a copy to :

  • 16 Jun 2018 12:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Due to construction in Weston, the starting point of the 2018 Bad Rock Reunion Trail Ride at Hodaka Days 2018 has changed. Pass the word!!

    We will NOT be starting at the downtown tennis courts as planned. The new starting point is approximately 1/4 mile south of Weston at the Perrine Farm - 78573 McLean Road.

    WARNING: Don't use Google maps to find this address. The reported location is wrong. The location from MapQuest is more accurate.

    Take Water Avenue south out of Weston and follow the signs (and the Hodakas!)

    Thanks for registering and we are looking forward to seeing you!

    Best regards,

    Hodaka Club

  • 14 Mar 2018 10:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As is often the case with Web Technologies, merging several different existing web properties which all use different tech has resulted in a much larger project than we originally expected. Since we have Hodaka Days coming up soon, and we need function over form for event registration, we have decided to maintain the exiting sites for the time being.

    The plan to merge all sites is in process in the background, and our plan is to make the switchover as painless as possible for members, and with as few technical glitches as we can.

    In the meantime, the Hodaka Chat Group ( is being maintained by the club.

    Thanks for your patience. We suspect you will be very happy with the final product!

  • 06 Jan 2018 6:31 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Our club web team has been feverishly working on a new website for club members. We are integrating the club membership features, as well as the famous Hodaka Chat Group, and many more cool things of interest to the Hodaka World!

    If you are a member of the Club, the Hodaka Chat Group, or even the Hodaka Fan Club on Facebook you will hear more as we vector in on going live. Tentative target is Early Feb, 2018, but please be patient . . . No Wine before it's Time!

  • 06 Jan 2018 5:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hodaka Days 2018 is scheduled for June 21-24, 2018
    More details will be coming soon!

    The planning committee has met, and details are being worked out behind the scenes, but get this on your calendar NOW!

  • 16 Dec 2016 1:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hodaka Days in Athena, OR will be held from June 23-25 next year. In the HD planning meeting held recently in Milton Freewater, OR the Club decided that the most popular events will be continued in 2017:

    • Hodaka Parade through downtown Athena
    • Vintage Poker Run Road ride
    • Badrock Trail Ride in Weston, OR
    • Hodaka Observed Trials Event
    • Swap Meet/Vendor Booths
    • Hodaka Bike Show
    • Barbeque, Live Auction, Silent Auction
    With regard to the Sunday Scrambles event, the Club officers decided that to attract more participants on Sunday, and because of the very high cost of event insurance, the Scrambles will become a "MX Playday" on the Diamond Eye vintage track allowing more Hodaka folks and their entire families to ride on Sunday.
  • 03 Jun 2016 9:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Two long time Club members were recently elected to the Hodaka Club Board of Directors. New members on the board include Erv Robison of Spokane, Washington and Ed Chesnut of Milton Freewater, Oregon.

    Shortly after the election, Paul Stannard submitted his resignation as Club president. As Paul wrote in his recent Hodaka Resonator article, he had some tough choices to make and wanted to find some balance in his life.

    Paul will be carrying on promoting the "Preston Petty Products" line on behalf of Preston and overseeing his Strictly Hodaka online parts business. We all wish him well and thank him for a long and successful tenure as our President.

    The board wasted little time in selecting Ed Chesnut as the new Hodaka Club president. We are are all excited to have “The Captain” at the helm and we would surmise that Ed will share his thoughts as President in one of his Resonator columns soon.

  • 14 Jan 2016 2:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Last month the Club met in Athena, OR some braving the inclement weather and seriously cold temperatures on the mountain pass to begin planning for the 2016 Hodaka Days! Good Hodaka folks with lots of "Hodakability", positive energy and ideas.

    This years event will be June 23-26, 2016. If you plan on attending and camping, plan on getting there on Wednesday the 22nd or even earlier. The Swap Meet starts on Friday as usual (Bring your Hodaka rollers and parts!!) and there'll be tent camping in Athena City Park with an all-night security patrol again.

    There will be the usual Umatilla TT road ride on Thursday which any vintage bike, 250cc and under, street legal can participate in. There may be a longer route planned this year. Another Badrock Ride is definitely planned for Friday, so keep coming back here to find out when sign-ups for this year's event open up.

    Finally, there was a decision made about having the Observed Trial earlier in the day on Saturday after the Bike Show opens to avoid the very hot afternoon weather at the grain elevator Trials layout. The Parade is always Saturday at High Noon. See ya'll there!! "Where it all began".. "Happy Hodaka Days" - (quote from the late great Jim Pomeroy)

  • 04 Jul 2015 10:35 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



    2nd Place winner

    First Place Winner

    Ace 90

    Jamie McAdams

    95 Super Combat & 98 Super Rat

    Damion Thacker

    Ace 100 (all)

    Jeanette Steinhauer

    Road Toad (all)

    Dan Holmes

    Chrome tank Super Rat

    Louie Steinhauer

    175 SL

    (No Entries)

    250 SL & ED

    Ben Schenk

    Wombat (all)

    Rick Vernier

    John Matton

    Best Hodaka powered (Other brand)

    Steve Vasilauskas (Pederson Wildcat Scramber)

    Combat Wombat

    Jamie McAdams

    Harry Taylor Award/Best Custom MX

    Larry Sommerfeld

    Dirt Squirt (all)

    Bud Schmidtgall


    Todd Stanley


    Steve Burrows Ace 100B trike

    Bad Rock Ride

    Preston Petty (1964 Ace 90)

    HenryKoepke Award/Best Technical Innovation

    Greg Watkin

    Best Original

    Jamie Mcadams (Combat Wombat)

    Best of Show

    Greg Watkin (250 ED)

    Notes:  There was only one second place awarded due to the votes being extremely close in that category. The bike show generally only awards for first place.

  • 07 Jul 2014 4:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hodaka Days 2014 Scrambles Results

    100cc Piston Port

    1. Kelly Corwin 36
    2. Jim Allen, Jr. 29
    3. Jerry Carter 24
    4. Mark Johnson 21

    5. Jeremy Despain 9
    6. Laurie Shelton -
    7. William Buob -
    8. Jack Dwyer DQ


    1. Nick Chapman 40
    2. Mark Johnson 16

    100cc Reeds – Stock

    1. Alec Carrera 40
    2. Andy Blackburn 29
    3. Ryan Ershig 29
    4. Vint Whitman 21

    5. Jay Aitcheson 20
    6. Shawn Riley 19

    100cc Reeds – Modified

    1. Mike Allen 40
    2. Nick Chapman 32
    3. Jamie McAdams 26
    4. Nate Ewer 21
    5. Lucas Olson 11

    Trail Bikes

    1. Barry Wormell 40
    2. Vincent Whitman 32
    3. Damon O’Gan 23
    4. Paul Stannard 19

    5. Nicky Trevino 18
    6. Tia Flynn 18
    7. Ed Chesnut 18 ** Exhibition Only
    8. Benjamin Alexander 15
    9. Albert Ershig 12
    10.Chris Allen 10
    11. Roger Duttrey 9

    125cc Piston Port

    1. Kevin White 40
    2. Ed Chesnut 27
    3. Dan Howard 21
    4. Damon O’Gan 20
    5. Milo LinVille 18
    6. Tom Brush 18

    7. Kelly Corwin 16
    8. Paul Stannard 11
    9. Vincent Whitman 10
    10. Dale Dvorak 7

    Family Class

    1. Alec Carrera 40
    2. Laurie Shelton 32
    3. Trent Mason 24
    4. Tia Flynn 23

    5. Kolby McAdams 21
    6. Donna Blackburn 18

    125cc Reeds – Stock

    1. Jack Dwyer 36
    2. Todd Bohnet 36
    3. Shaun Brush 23
    4. Andy Blackburn 23

    5. Jack Bridges 22

    125cc Reeds – Modified

    1. Jay Lael 32
    2. Reece Dunlap 31
    3. Drake Dunlap 30
    4. Nick Chapman 24

    5. Lucas Olson 21
    6. Nicky Trevino 18
    7. Axel Anderson 15
    8. Benjamin Alexander 13
    9. Laurie Shelton 10

    Grand Prix

    1. Mike Allen 20
    2. Jay Lael 16
    3. Drake Dunlap 13
    4. Reece Dunlap 11

    5. Kelly Corwin 10
    6. Todd Bohnet 9
    7. Lucas Olson 8
    8. Jay Aitcheson 7
    9. Ed Chesnut 6
    10. Nate Ewer 5

    Grandpa Race

    1. Paul Stannard 20
    2. Ed Chesnut 16
    3. Milo Linville 13
    4. Dan Howard 11

    5. Jim Allen, Jr. 10
    6. Clarence Tabor 9

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