Hodaka Days 2020 is cancelled. 
"To attempt to have the event would be foolhardy"
- Club President Ed Chesnut

Hodaka Days 2018 was held in Athena, Oregon June 21-24. Bike Show results below.

More information on the Hodaka Days cancellation for this year on the Hodaka Club facebook page.

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11 photo(s) Updated on: 21 Mar 2020

Road Tests!

We just located a really neat old Cycle World Road Test from 1970 for the 1970 Super Rat and 100B! Any You can have a copy for yourself! Click to download!

We also found this great 1975 Motorcyclist review of the classic 1975 Road Toad!

If you have a toad, you need its history! Click to Download! 

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