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  • 18 Mar 2023 10:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     Once again, we have procured a limited number of rooms at the Red Lion Hotel in Pendleton for Hodaka Days attendees.

    The rooms are $121 for a single king or queen and $136 for a double queen + taxes, etc.  Reservations must be made by June 1st.

    The hotel is located at 304 SE Nye Ave, Pendleton, OR 97801 and their phone number is (541) 276-6111 .

    There is a restaurant on site, but it has been closed since the pandemic and may not be open by June. They do have a pool.

    There are a limited number of rooms and the last weekend in June is apparently a busy one in the area.  Book now and be sure to ask for the "Special Hodaka Days" rate.

    If they are booked, please send an email to info@hodakadays.org and we'll see if it's possible to arrange for additional rooms.


  • 18 Mar 2023 9:58 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Registration is now open to club members for:

    Bad Rock Reunion Trail Ride 2023 Weston, Oregon Date: 23 Jun 2023 9:00 AM PDT



    Welcome to Bad Rock 2023.

    All makes of "vintage"* - twin shock, air cooled, drum brake - bikes welcome!

    Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first ISDT held in the US - Dalton. MA, 1973.

    This is your chance to ride through some of the back country and actual trails used during the original Bad Rock ISDT qualifiers of the 1970's.  This is where Hodaka motorcycles were designed, developed and put to the ultimate test.

    The event takes off from the intersection of Broad and High Street in the historic town of Weston, Oregon, approximately four miles east of Athena. 

    It's about a 50-mile course, designed to be an easy ride for someone who has not been riding regularly or who wants to protect their investment in some of those hard to find Hodaka parts.  The club will provide a trailer at several points along the route to transport bikes with mechanical problems or bikes of riders who, for whatever reason, just don't wish to finish the course.

    The course does include several sections where the route uses county roads.   Special arrangements have been made with the local authorities to allow trail bikes to use these sections during the event.   Other than county roads, all the off road sections are on private property and will not require an ORV permit.  However, all bikes must be equipped with a working silencer and spark arrestor.

    This event is an AMA sanctioned recreational event.  You do not need to be an AMA member to participate.  However, without the help of the AMA, we could not afford to put on events like this and we encourage you to consider joining.  Their web site is www.americanmotorcyclist.com.

    You need to pre-register.  This ride is limited to 150 entries and will be open to all makes of vintage (twin shock, drum brake, air cooled) bikes. Sorry, due to insurance restrictions, no passengers allowed.

    Fee is $25 for Hodaka Club members and $30 for non-members and must be paid via PayPal at time of registration or we must receive payment within two weeks of signup if you request an invoice.

    *Kids may ride "modern" bikes providing they are 14 years or younger, riding bikes 100cc or smaller, and accompanied by an adult on a qualifying vintage bike.  The ride coordinator may make additional exceptions to the "vintage" rule for ISDT/ISDE veterans and legends.

    More information and online registration: Bad Rock Reunion Trail Ride 2023

  • 09 Mar 2023 2:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    General discussion:  Status for 2023

    • 1.    Budget – Better shape that 2022, but lower than pre-pandemic years
      YE 2021 = 16,300 & YE 2022 = 18,055
    • 2.    Outstanding: Taxes $1,100—(including prep fee) & $100 Charter renewal
    • 3.    Everything is going up.
    • ·                     Insurance +17%
    • ·                     Web site +15%
    • ·                     Hotel Rooms +100% (Jackalope Jamboree scheduled in Pendleton same weekend)
    • ·                     Printing +25% (Maybe do more in B & W?)

     New sponsors:

    • 1.    All Balls Racing
    • 2.    Viking Bags


    Gem Status (Rob McIntyre)

    • 1.    Theater should be available by June, but probably “Bring your own chair”


    Contingent of Penton Owners Group may join us (no confirmation)



    • 1.    In 2022 we did do better getting volunteers than previous years
    • 2.    Used targeted emails for specific jobs and defined numbers
    • 3.    Need to confirm volunteers and time they need to be there.  Had a lot of volunteers not show up at designated events. Maybe do a special event schedule for volunteers?



    • 1.    Going with a common theme for posters, tees, & trophies.  Probably going to feature a Dirt Squirt.
    • 2.    Shared artwork saves time, effort and money
    • 3.    Stu Gillard will coordinate again this year



    • 1.    Common theme
    • 2.    Sold all 2022 tees and prior years last year.  We currently have only four tees in stock from last year that were part of a special re-order.  Stu Osborn felt we could sell a lot more tees online before AND after Hodaka Days”. Gregg Floren suggested we could do a ‘one time’ offering from the Hodaka Club website store.


    Any major rescheduling?

    • 1.    Move TT ½ to one hour later
    • 2.    Possibly start trials ½ hour sooner
    • 3.    Encourage pre-registration by charging extra to register at some events.
      NOTE:  Pre‑registration requires volunteers and doesn’t negate the need from event site registration.
    • 4.    Welcome BBQ in the park Thursday night.  Tom Barnett to donate tri-tip, beans, salad.


    Food (Bob Whitman)

    • 1.    Need better signage?  Some people didn’t realize we had food in the park last year.


    TT (Bruce Kron)

    • 1.    Jerry Carter has interesting new route possibility through wine country and Umapine area.  Thorn hollow bridge is still out, which makes the Umatilla river route impractical.
    • 2.    Need to make sure “sag wagon” shows up and checkpoint attendees know schedule.
    • 3.    Stu Osborn volunteered to man one of the checkpoints


    Swap meet (Stu Osborn)

    • 1.    Keep campers and vendors separated
    • 2.    Need map posted?
    • 3.    Advertise swap meet on Facebook?
    • 4.    Stu Osborne will attend starting Wednesday and be available in the park to answer questions and watch for vehicles driving on the grass


    Trail Ride (Nate Ewer)

    • 1.    Landowners’ status?
    • 2.    May add some new sections
    • 3.    Will have a check in at the end of the ride.  Participants receive patches at the end.
    • 4.    Special anniversary additions – investigating possibility of adding “special test section” for ISDT veterans and vintage mounted “manufactures” teams.  Gregg Floren will check with AMA for sanctioning and insurance requirements.



    • 1.    Well attended last couple of years
    • 2.    Propose multiple (people’s choice) and let members decide by online vote?


    Ice Cream (Dyann Swanson)

    • 1.    Friday night at the Gem in conjunction with movie showing.  Probably show the John Penton Story.


    Pancake Breakfast

    • 1.    Need to verify
    • 2.    Major fundraiser for local American Legion chapter


    Trials – (Jay Lael)

    • 1.    Great last year – good feedback
    • 2.    Short observers – need specific campaign to pre sign observers


    Auction (Erv Robison / Bob Whitman)

    • 2.    Check taking credit cards?
    • 3.    May do more reverse auctions at dinner to speed up event



    • 1.    Usual issue with finding volunteers.  Will try to find a volunteer parade coordinator and crew of two or three volunteers to assist with parade announcements, “send off” and barricades.
    • 2.    Foreigners in the parade – Need to watch for other brand bikes sneaking into the parade
    • 3.    Gregg to order more Chuck Swanson memorial “overalls” stickers.
    • 4.    Pre “register” (sign waivers) for parade to speed up send off.  Also combine with Bike show registration.


    Bike show (Lee Fabry / Dale Dvorak)

    • 1.    Display banners around bike show
    • 2.    Should have more time this year – fewer Saturday activities
    • 3.    Change “Pre-registration” to “Registration”  - cut down on rush to register all at once.
    • 4.    Limited voting to one hour to allow time to count ballots


    Banquet (Bob Whitman)

    • 1.    Hopefully back inside?
    • 2.    Prices going up
    • 3.    Same caterer
    • 4.    Checking options for two “protein” (meat) choices


    MX (Thal Anderson)

    • 1.    Full face helmets and goggles required.  Will be check on the starting line.
    • 2.    Straw bales are available
    • 3.    Water truck is available
    • 4.    Need easyup(s) again
    • 5.    Have OK from Dennis at Diamond Eye to hold races again this year



    • 1.    Need to coordinate delivery of porta potties and garbage cans – Jerry Carter and Gregg Floren can probably handle this again.  Tom Barnett volunteered to help also.
    • 2.    Have detailed list of locations from Al Pedro who did these in previous years
    • 3.    Could use a couple of volunteers to swap full for empty/less full trash cans
    • 4.    Move all porta potties to the front of the park



    • 1.    Have rented a stage and have rented tents before
    • 2.    Should we investigate a custom large “easyup” for the club?  Gregg to investigate and make recommendations to the board.  Bob may have some “leads”.  Also, possible that Tommy Croft may have some connections.


    Park Cleanup

    • 1.    Junk left in park
    • 2.    Need someone to monitor “cleanup and checkout”?
  • 20 Nov 2022 11:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Although the official planning meeting has been postponed until after the first of the year, the decision has been made to go ahead and hold Hodaka Days on the regularly scheduled dates of the last full weekend in June again next year.

    For 2023 that would be June 22 - 25 in Athena and Weston Oregon.

    Plans are in the early stages and all activities are, of course, dependent on approval of the involved public entities and land owners.

    Watch this blog for further updates.

    See you in June.

  • 12 Jul 2022 3:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Found at Hodaka Days:

    • Fly Racing kidney belt (claimed)
    • Pair of black sunglasses
    • Black zipper front sweatshirt
    • One other fairly valuable item.  If you'd like to take a "shot" at describing it and you give us a high "caliber" description, we'll see what we can do to get it back to you.

    Missing at Hodaka Days:

    • Blue and black Malcolm Smith Racing (MSR) enduro jacket

    If you think you can help any of these items find their way home, please send an email to info@hodakadays.org.

  • 21 Jun 2022 10:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We recently found out that, on the Bad Rock trail ride, we have an additional gate that needs to be opened and closed as riders pass through.

    And so... we are looking for one more volunteer on Friday to manage this gate.  Ideally you would have a bike to ride out to the gate - less than 10 miles from Weston, but you can reach the gate in any car with reasonable ground clearance.

    If you can help, please send an email to volunteer@hodakadays.org or text 971-2460-0687.

  • 12 Jun 2022 3:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Just heard that, due to COVID related health concerns and staffing shortages, the restaurant and lounge at the Red Lion Hotel in Pendleton (Hodaka Days recommended lodging), will not be open for the Hodaka Days weekend.

    If you are planning on staying at the hotel, you may want to do some research and investigate other dining options in the local area.

    Among other options, there is a Shari's restaurant within easy walking distance from the hotel.

    There will be sandwiches, salads, chips, and drinks available from Calvert’s Sugar Shack in the park Saturday and Sunday for lunch.  There will also be a pancake breakfast in Athena at the American Legion Hall Saturday morning starting at 6:30 AM and, of course, the Hodaka Days dinner Saturday night at 6:30 PM.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • 06 Jun 2022 10:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are currently looking for folks to volunteer for some of the early activities at Hodaka Days.

     We still need up to three additional people to staff the checkpoints for the poker run on Thursday June 23rd between2:00 and 5:00 PM.  Previous experience not necessary.  You just need to sit at table at the side of the road and record the poker hands of the participants.

     We also need up to two more people to be gatekeepers for the Bad Rock trail ride on Friday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  Again, no previous experience necessary.  Your duty will be to open and close the gates for the riders so the landowner’s livestock don’t escape.  These two gates are in idyllic locations in beautiful spots near a creek.  Plenty of time to enjoy nature,  relax, and enjoy a good book.

     Because these two events are early in the schedule, we have limited time to recruit for the positions at the event.  We are looking for people who can commit ahead of time.

     If you would like to volunteer, please send an email as soon as possible to volunteer@hodakadays.org.

     Your help is much appreciated and is what makes all the activities at Hodaka Days possible.

  • 29 May 2022 1:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Be sure to review the information on helmets for MX riders and required forms for minors participating in riding activities.

    Note: June 2nd is the last day to book rooms at the special Hodaka Days rates.


    DEDICATED TO CHUCK SWANSON 8/10/30 to 12/21/21

    HODAKA DAYS IS ON JUNE 23-26, 2022!


    CELEBRATION OF LIFE OF CHUCK SWANSON – At 1:30 pm Saturday, a celebration of the life of Chuck Swanson will be held in the Athena City Park. The last General Manager of PABATCO, Chuck passed away this past December. We will gather to remember the quiet, gentle friend who is greatly missed. While we can’t distill Chuck’s life and contributions into a short service, this will offer an opportunity for friends and family to share brief personal stories or favorite memories of our times with “Swannie,” the host of more than 20 ice cream socials at Hodaka Days past, inveterate tinkerer and all-around fascinating man. All are welcome.


    UMATILLA COUNTY TT AND POKER RUN – Thursday 6/23 – 50 miles of winding rural roads and historic communities for licensed, street-legal, 250cc or less vintage (twin shock, drum brake, air cooled) bikes. Not restricted to Hodakas; passengers meeting legal requirements permitted.

    BAD ROCK TRAIL RIDE- 50-mile ride via country roads into the Blue Mountains where the historic Bad Rock ISDT Qualifiers were run for all vintage (twin shock, drum brake, air cooled). Not restricted to Hodakas, special arrangements allow trail bikes (street licensure not required) but USFS approved spark arrestors are mandatory.

    MAIN STREET PARADE – Follow a  County Sheriff on his one-of-a-kind Hodaka police special, past the assembled citizenry down Main Street Athena, with 100 of your best (Hodaka) friends! Passengers under 14 are OK, with parental consent; sorry, no riders under 14.

    BIKE SHOW- 19 classes for Hodaka or Yamaguchi powered cycles only on display in the park. Originals, cool modified bikes, special one-off oddball constructs… see them all, and show off your Hodie!

    OBSERVED TRIALS – Novice, intermediate, expert and trail bike classes for Hodakas and Club Members only. AMA membership and waivers required. (see below).

    SWAP MEET, SILENT AUCTION AND SALE – Bring your goodies to sell or hunt for rare treasures among vendors, sponsor-donated Club offerings and, who knows what? All in the shade of Athena Park’s giant trees.

    BANQUET DINNER, AWARDS PRESENTATION AND AUCTION- Saturday evening dinner, drinks (non-alcoholic) & desert for $15, award presentations for event winners and club service awards, plus a few selected, choice items contributed by sponsors and members will be auctioned off.

    MEET THE LEGENDS – HD’22 is a great opportunity to meet some of the fascinating folks in motorcycle - and especially Hodaka - history!

    Eric Jensen, (three-time ISDT medal winner, as well as an early Hodaka dealer and manufacturer of the famous Jensen specialty Hodaka parts.) Eric will be hosting a Service Seminar Two Stroke Basics and Troubleshooting  Friday afternoon.  **Additionally, Eric will be showing  (and selling!) a very few  newly  remade Jensen cylinders, pistons and heads for Hodaka 100s! Power and cooling not available since the 1960s, now at Hodaka Days! **

    Lee Fabry (SoCal & Baja, and now our most celebrated and knowledgeable creator of special, one of a kind Hodakas, who has stepped up to take leadership of the Saturday bike show);

    Peter Starr, AMA Hall of Fame member, recognized as the top producer of motorcycle pix in the world. Peter’s work includes “Take it to the Limit” and “Bad Rock”, about the ISDT Qualifier in Weston Oregon , which he produced after consultation with Hodaka.

    PABATCO/Hodaka staff -Jim Gentry, Parts, Service and Warranty Manager at PABATCO in “the day”; “Jeanie” Trout, original executive secretary and Personnel Manager at PABATCO; and Marvin Foster, Promotion Department Manager (and source of much of the famous Hodaka Humor – “a Dirt Squirt?”) - Foster was the original Hodaka Baja rider, 1000 miles, over 30 days on an Ace 90.

    Ron Pomeroy, Bultaco Factory Team racer (Daytona, Hangtown, Saddleback and more).

    MX RACING– Classic scrambles style racing in “suburban” Athena wraps up the weekend  Sunday! Must be 14 or older, racing muffler or USFS approved spark arrestor, AMA membership and waivers required (see below). Calvert’s Sugar Shack will offer morning sustenance  coffee and muffins/cinnamon rolls at the track from 8 to 9:30  morning; with sandwiches and sodas from 11am to 1 pm. .




    TRAVEL - PLANNING ON COMING FOR THE FIRST TIME? AIRPORTS NEAR ATHENA- Pendleton, OR (PDT), about 20 miles south, service by Boutique Air, some rental cars available. Walla Walla, WA (ALW), 25 miles north, service by Alaska/Horizon, some rental cars available. Pasco, WA (PSC), about 65 miles northeast, service by Alaska/Horizon, United shuttle, Delta, car rental agencies.  Portland, OR (PDX), closest MAJOR airport, 3.5-hour drive west, via spectacular Columbia Gorge.

    LODGING –   Hotels - There are no motels in Athena. The Red Lion Hotel in Pendleton is the official hotel of HD’22. Call 541-276-6111 and ask for special Hodaka Days rates. Special rates must be booked by June 2nd!

    Camping is available at the Athena City Park, which has a pool house with showers which will be available for campers. Please, no camping in the grass on school grounds.

    For RVs, parking is available just across a footbridge from the park. There are a limited number of electrical and water hookups for RVs; no waste water hookups are available. There is a small RV park in Athena and several full-service RV parks within reasonable driving distance. Mountain View RV Park - 1375 SE 3rd, Pendleton, OR 97801 (approx. 20 miles from Athena) Exit 210 off I-84 (next to Red Lion) 541-276-1041, 866-302-3311 www.nwfamilyrvresorts.com  Centerville RV Park - 213 W. Sherman, Athena, OR 97813 (Near the old PABATCO building) 541- 566-9246. Wildhorse Resort & Casino - 72777 Highway 331, Pendleton, OR 97801 (Approx. 18 miles from Athena - right next to I-84 just east of Pendleton) 800-654-9453. Trails West RV Park - 1420 S. Main, Milton-Freewater, OR 97862 (approx. 12 miles from Athena) Phone: 509-301-2400 509-200-9796

    FOOD -  There are a limited number of food options in Athena, so you may want to bring some snacks and breakfast food, especially if camping.

    We have a new caterer, Calvert’s Sugar Shack on Main Street in Athena. They will be open from 7 am - 2 pm Saturday; from 7 am – noon Sunday. They will also prepare sandwiches, salads, muffins and drinks, which will be available in the park Saturday 11 am- 1:30 pm.

    They’ll be catering the Saturday evening awards dinner at the Athena elementary school cafeteria and courtyard. Dinner will include pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, coleslaw, roasted potatoes, desert and iced tea or lemonade, tickets will be $15 each. In light of covid-19 concerns, if you want to be assured of outside seating, you may want to bring your own chair & folding table.

    BAD ROCK SIGNUP-  Worried about the difficulty of the big, bad, Bad Rock trail ride? Although we do get to cover some of the “sacred ground” as the original ISDT qualifier from the ‘70’s, this is not meant to be a test of endurance for you or your bike. Don’t let the name scare you off. Today’s version will be a 50-mile ride with “social stops” to relax with fellow riders, through country roads up into the Blue Mountains. Street legality is not required, though spark arrestors are. Registration is now open to the public, so pass the word to your friends, neighbors, and fellow dirt bike enthusiasts. The link to the signup is:
    http://hodakaclub.org/event-4759626 , and, if haven't signed up already,  do it now. While the number of riders is limited, space is still available.

    STILL SEEKING AUCTION DONATIONS – For both good fun and to help finance HD’22, the Saturday swap meet and evening awards banquet include auctioning off contributions from vendors and participants. Got cool parts (used, in good condition is OK), Hodaka memorabilia, a special Hodaka project, or services you are willing to donate? Bring them to the Club booth in the park Friday or Saturday morning, so we can display and auction them off. Donors will be credited as sponsors, and help us keep going!

    HELP, HELP, HELP! – Many hands make light work” is so true. We’re always in need of volunteer helpers at Hodaka Days. We need help managing waivers, installing banners, moving tables & chairs, moving parade barriers, putting up track fencing, serving ice cream… You get the picture! If you can offer some help, our highly paid (occasional free beer) executive staff really appreciates it. Let us know when you arrive and/or check in at the Club Park booth. A few hours of volunteer time enable all of us to enjoy the week more.

    IMPORTANT DETAILS & PAPERWORK! Hodaka Days insurance is provided by the American Motorcycle Association, which requires:

    HELMETS- If you’re planning to race MX – or even just practice – per AMA requirements for racing.  you must wear a full-face helmet, no one will be allowed on the track without one! Open face helmets are OK for all other events.

    WAIVERS FOR MINORS Waivers must be signed by both parents (if applicable). There is one waiver for recreational events (poker run, trail ride, and parade); MX and Trials each have a separate form. If you need a waiver and both parents – with legal custody – won’t be at HD’22, the needed forms can be downloaded at www.hodakaclub.org  and must be notarized if signatures can’t be witnessed at the event! If no legal guardian will be attending the event, we’ll need a notarized letter authorizing an attending adult as a guardian for the event.

    AMA MEMBERSHIP– Required for trials, track practice or racing. Membership can be renewed on-line at www.americanmotorcyclist.com. Forms for single event membership ($20) are only available at the event; an annual membership (available in advance from AMA) is only $9 more than two (trials and track activity) single‑event memberships and covers both trials and track activity, as well as other AMA events.

    EVENT ENTRY FORM – All participants in the poker run, Bad Rock ride or parade need to complete an “Event Entry Form”, which provides demographic information we submit to AMA. The form can be downloaded at www.hodakaclub.org.One form covers all events; once we have a completed form at HD’22, you’ll receive a gold wrist band and won’t need to complete another one for additional events. If you can fill out the attached form in advance and bring it to the event, it will save you time during registration.

    HODAKA CLUB MEMBERSHIP– Save yourself and our volunteers time and renew your club membership online at http://www.hodakaclub.org/Join_or_renew_Online .


    So… June 23-26, 2022… be in Athena or miss all the fun!

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